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Die Tuindwergies, a Pretoria-based four piece, have been making waves since they started playing their blend of back in 2009. The lineup consists of Peter de Jager the lead vocalist, song writer and acoustic guitarist in – also known as Die Kort Dwerg (Short Dwarf). He was previously part of the group “Revolusie” – he played bass and did backing vocals and wrote lyrics. Jean Swiegers, the drummer – also known as Die Dwerg. First played for the group “Vermoor jou Vriende” (the 2007 (North) Rockspaaider winners), and then later joined “Revolusie” . He also sometimes plays for senior Swiegers. Dawie de Jager, also known as Die Berg Dwerg (The Mountain Dwarf), plays bass for the band. He has also been the lead guitarist for “Klopjag for the past 9 years. Emile Swiegers – Die Lang Dwerg (The Tall Dwarf) – plays lead guitar, writes songs and does backing vocals for Die Tuindwergies. He was also previously part of the band “Revolusie” and has been playing for Swiegers Senior since he was 14 years old.

A debut EP, titled “Tuis Gekweek” by Die Tuindwergies was released on the 1st of November 2009 . Songs such as ‘ Sy Sê ‘ & ‘Kopskudkinders’ exceeded many expectations. The first two singles were # 1 on the SA Top 30 and the # 1 most requested tune for three consecutive weeks on Tuks FM. The debut singles have also done well on other campus stations (MFM Kovsie FM, PUK FM, etc..) ‘Kopskudkinders’ was even recognized as the most popular song on Jacaranda and took the # 1 position on Jacaranda FM Top 10, and pocketed Die Tuindwergies their first MK Award for Best Newcomer of 2011.

On August 21, 2010 Die Tuindwergies released their debut album. It is a promising album that has a positive message with melancholy melodies and a progression of slow- to up-tempo grooves . The album boasts a wide diversity of styles of music (Country, Rock, Funk, Alternative, Pop, African) Die Tuindwergies are one of the Online Music Stores’ ” Take Two “and” Rhythm Online Music Store’s Top Sellers.




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