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Fright! is a producer/DJ duo fresh on the scene in Cape Town.

Currently working on an EP to be released later this year FRIGHT! are concentrating on becoming leaders in the South African electronic production scene.

The duo studied classical music theory through matric at school in Johannesburg. As solo artists they have worked along side some of Johannesburg's best house producers and DJs. With Ashton Fox having opened for Basement Jaxx as a part of Justin Vee's band at the Johannesburg gig.

In only 3 months of DJing as a duo, they have played at parties with Bruce Willis??, Niskerone, DeepFilth and Ish.

FRIGHT! promises to be a massive name in the local scene and may well make international inroads in their long ahead careers. The 19 year olds have set their eyes on making sure Cape Town electro stays fresh and happening.


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showcases only the best musicians and DJ's from all genres, be they local or international, rising stars or household names. Based on Harrington Street in the heart of District 6, Cape Town. Once a warehouse, the expansive interiors have been renovated, but not completely reformed, creating an interior mash-up both slick and industrial, and packed with a diverse and eclectic crowd who call The Assembly home every weekend.

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