LARK is a live electronic band originally from South Africa. Their music has been described as glitch opera, a powerful union of live instrumentation, soaring vocals and dirty electronic beats. An iron fist in a velvet glove, lead singer Inge Beckmann provides the velvet with her unparalleled ability to stun audiences with her voice and presence. The iron fist is the dark, glitchy production and sound design work of producer and instrumentalist Paul Rez, also known as the Humanizer.

Together, Paul and Inge formed LARK in 2003, later expanding the line-up to include the exceptional talents of bassist and studio engineer Simon ‘Fuzzy’ Ratcliffe and renowned drummer Sean Ou Tim aka Mr. Sakitumi.

LARK’s first studio album, Razbliuto (Just Music, UMG), released in 2007, was met with critical acclaim, earning the band a South African Music Award for Best Alternative Album. 2007 also saw the band realising their vision of taking live performance further with the release of Dagger and a Feather, a live performance DVD recorded and filmed at Cape Town’s BMW Pavilion featuring a string section and a number of guest artists.

In 2007 and 2008 the band toured extensively, released music videos for their tracks ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Heroin Mary’ and were widely regarded by the music press as “one of the most competitive acts to come out of South Africa”. They completed their second studio album Mouth of Me (Just Music, UMG) containing new and reworked material from their debut EP of the same name.

In late 2008, after being signed as a producer to UK agency Z Management, Paul made the decision to move to London. LARK took a temporary sabbatical returning in 2009 and again 2010 to headline South Africa’s biggest alternative music festival, RAMfest.

Also in 2010, LARK released V, including the single ‘Brave’. In early 2011 Italian label Onion Records picked up and released a remix EP for ‘Brave’ featuring the talents of techno producers Haezer, Hateboss, ABCD, Karetus and Geometry.

2011 sees LARK beginning a new chapter. Inge, in Cape Town, and Paul, in London, spent almost a year writing and recording their new studio album using skype. In August 2011 Inge and Paul briefly appeared as LARK (Electro) at Oppi Koppi Music Festival and Grand West Arena, showcasing material from the new album, and were met with an overwhelming response from their fans.

The as yet unnamed new album is slated for release in February 2012 and will be accompanied by a South African tour followed by a European/Asian tour later in the year.

h African tour followed by a European/Asian tour later in the year.



NMM #65 features new tracks, EPs, covers and remixes from the likes of Lark, Ashtray Electric, Christian Tiger School, Matthew Mole and Asleep in Transit!