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Sexual Tension

Sexual Tension

Sexual Tension is a Cape Town based DJ duo made up of Tyler Smith & Ian Jepson. A designer & illustrator respectively by day, by night they entertain crowds with their unique taste in music which they love sharing with the dance floor.

Relatively new to the DJ scene, they have quickly made a name for themselves playing at parties such as, See You Next Wednesday, Untamed Youth, Vacation and currently as residents at The Assembly’s latest party success: After Hours.


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showcases only the best musicians and DJ's from all genres, be they local or international, rising stars or household names. Based on Harrington Street in the heart of District 6, Cape Town. Once a warehouse, the expansive interiors have been renovated, but not completely reformed, creating an interior mash-up both slick and industrial, and packed with a diverse and eclectic crowd who call The Assembly home every weekend.

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