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The Pits


The Pits are a three piece Rock n' Roll band from Cape Town South Africa who play foot stomping songs of doom and gloom, all played really fast and loud!

After many years of being in notorious/failed punk and rock bands like Four Minute Warning, Diggler’s Justice, Die Stefan de Wreed Orkes and more, Sven decided to do something that he could call his own. With a shared love for rockabilly, psychobilly and rock n' roll in general his wife Milli was easily convinced to join on bass but it would take some time before finding a suitable drummer. Eventually in late 2010 Justin joined the band and The Pits were ready to tackle the Cape Town music scene. Through perseverance and an ever growing fan base they have played every major venue in Cape Town alongside some of South Africa's best rock bands and are soon to be recording their first EP.

The Pits, influenced by bands like Flat Duo Jets, Elvis, Dead Moon and a healthy dose of delta blues, are not trying to sound like anybody else and are doing so very convincingly. Nobody wants to hear a rock 'n' roll band singing love songs or songs about uplifting topics so The Pits almost only sing about bad things, mostly sticking to horror inspired themes with broad splashes of humour thrown in. Made up by Sven on guitar and vocals, Milli on bass guitar and Justin on drums, these three know how to fill a stage and make a whole lot of noise.




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