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YOUNGSTA, or otherwise know as YoungstaCpt, wasn’t born into a family of musicians nor does he have a musical background. His love for Hip Hop came to sight when he was just a ‘youngster’. By mimicking other artists’ voices it gave him the advantage to create his own unique flow, delivery and voice. In Grade 5 he started writing songs, initiating the need to perfect his passion. Once he matriculated in 2009, he spent 2010 becoming Cape Town’s most surprising new artist. His distinctive style generated a lot of positive and negative feelings from other local artists and ‘Hip Hop Heads’ but strong support from music lovers. The name, YOUNGSTA, represents a lot more than a ‘Young Money’ or a ‘Yung Joc’. This should not be mistaken as disrespect to any of those artists. YOUNGSTA represents a new generation of Hip Hop artists in Cape Town.


The need to verbalize his experiences is visible when emphasising what growing up as a youngster in ‘the new era’ is like. The ironic part is that when YOUNGSTA fell in love with Hip Hop, it was the old and conscious side of Hip Hop music which activated his enthusiasm to the genre. Everything YoungstaCpt writes is nothing short of inspirational. His variation of Hip Hop appeals to every aspect of the genre, even though his ears are lured to the 90’s era of Hip Hop, otherwise known as ‘The Golden Era’.


Hip Hop is about rapping consciously and even violently whenever emotions come into play. Through his rhymes, YOUNGSTA intends on documenting the world and era we live in whether good or bad. YoungstaCpt took a step back to look at the Cape Town Hip Hop industry as an outsider. Cape Town is filled with potential and room to grow, but it seemed as if no one was willing to step up and put the city on the map among the others in Africa – until now. He is taking the plunge, and flooding the streets with material to let everyone know that he is a force to be reckoned with. Having the skills to grab the attention of any live audience is undoubtedly a rare talent, but it gets even better when an artist has quality freestyle’s for days. The ability to paint vivid pictures with his lyrics is a skill YOUNGSTA managed to master at a young age. This crowd favourite definitely has the X-Factor, drive and self-discipline to become recognised by the world as a respected artist. At the age of 19, he has pulled together 23 mixtapes over the duration of 23 months. To top it off, YOUNGSTA has recently released his album, GUYFOX. However, his mission doesn’t end there.


Till today, YOUNGSTA has done countless live performances in his professional career across Cape Town. His latest collaboration with Cape Town singing sensation, Keeno Lee, is being constantly rotated on the airwaves, along with his own single titled, ‘Clap your hands’ currently competing with international artists on GoodHope FM’s Hip Hop Charts and another song titled ‘G-Spot’, which is no stranger on the 5Fm Hip Hop Chart. YoungstaCpt’s album has been launched with planned music videos to hit television screens and radio singles overflowing the airwaves. He has recently been crowned ‘The King of Street Rap’ which was hosted in Johannesburg by Slaghuis.


YOUNGSTA’s success hasn’t gone unnoticed as he is currently sponsored and supported by 2Bop and CIRCA.


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