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Desmond & the Tutus MNUSIC Album Launch

Desmond & the Tutus MNUSIC Album Launch

14 July 2012

TicketsR50 PRESALE AVAILABLE ONLINER60 AT THE DOORInfoROAR - NO U18s - I.D REQUIRED(I.D / Passport / Drivers Licence)
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this event has passed

checkout the pics

Desmond & the Tutus return to Cape Town and The Assembly for the launch of their new album, MNUSIC! With support from Fox Comet and Sideshow.


Win a copy of Desmond & the Tutus new album, MNUSIC  plus Double Tickets to the event this Saturday! To enter drop a comment below and tell us your favourite Desmond & the Tutus track - be sure to login using your facebook/twitter account so we can contact you if you win.


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  • Lucy Goretti Da Costa

    Big fan !! I will always love that bass guitar in High Fives <3

  • Olivia Waterkeyn

    Love Desmond & The Tutus!!! Too many – Zim Zala Bim, Tattoo, Kiss you on the Cheek & Peter. REALLY want the new MNUSIC album and tickets!! :)

  • Devon Currer

    Love their vibe! No better way to celebrate the Stormers end of Season caning of the Rebels than a jol at the Assembly with Them Tutus! My track – Zim Zala Bim!

  • Margot Molyneux

    I like Tattoo, Desmond and the Tutus, I’d like to listen to them in my car and I’d really like to go to their show.

  • Aimée Plutsick

    “duuude, i hate you tell you, but your girlfriend looks like Willie Nelson”
    Best Desmond song is Your Girlfriend. <3 And the best video is Tattoo.

  • Lundi Cavernelis

    I like German Modern off Tuck Shop mostly – ‘coz I just love to do them claw! But I think Zim zala bim is just as lekker off Mnusic :)

  • David Mann

    Definitely Peter, best track and vid!

  • Jp Le Riche

    Kiss you on the cheek. please me win.

  • Matthew Shield

    My favourite Desmond song: ‘Your Girlfriend’.

  • Nicholas Arnott

    Almost too tough to choose but I’d have to go with “Kiss You on the Cheek”, it makes me smile every time!

  • Lana

    I haven’t seen D&tT since last year’s Oppikoppi Unknown Brother, and will be missing Sweet Thing altogether. I need this! German Modern is definitely a favourite!

  • Jason Jesus Limberis

    High Fives! Tuckshop was the only cd i had in my car for about a year; by choice!

  • Michael Clarke

    Head to the Side. They’re all good though.

  • Hugh Upsher

    My favourite is ‘Head to the Side’. It calms me.

  • Amie Brown

    Tattoo is definitely my favourite.

  • Aimée Sawyer

    Your Girlfriend !

  • Richard Bolland

    Saggy Bottom Speedo Swimmer! Hopefully Ill become a Saggy Bottom Speedo WINNER!!!

  • Jeanne

    Peter. ‘Cause I too have a ‘boys’ name. Best, most original SA band – Desmond and the Mother Flippin’ Tutu’s <3

  • Jordan Ruby Jennings

    The first Desmond & The Tutu’s song that graced my ears.
    No going back now, It’ll always be a winner :) :) :)

  • Andrew Icon Kerr

    “Bappa” babappadappa da bappa da bappabah!

  • Warren Fisher

    Peter is good. I named my dog Pat, it was pretty simple.

  • Claire du Trevou

    Definitely ‘Peter’, because I’m a popular classic.

  • Jonathan Garisch

    It was a cold Winter morning in 08′ and I had MK (when it was still on channel 89) on in the background, and I heard this fresh funky sound and my eyes soon became fixated on the TV. The music video for ‘Demond & The Tutus – Pictures’ was playing and then and there my love for Desmond was sparked into life, so therefor Pictures is my fav.

  • Chanel May

    hmm right!! So I’m like the HUUGEST Desmond & the Tutus fan; and definately not an Old Girl!

    My favourite Desmond and the Tutus song would definately be Crazy Rebel! I love it so much I may just get “Crazy Rebel” tattoed on my High 5′s and do The German Modern!

    Come on Assembly! Make me the Saggy Bottom Speedo WINNER!!

  • stef martin

    I try to say goodbye and I choke, try to walk away and I stumble- though I try to hide it, it’s clear, my world crumbles when you are not here.

  • Lorien Amy Bolus

    YASSIS. That’s a KAK hard question. Your Girlfriend is fun to shout at your mates and point and dance like baboon. Saggy Bottom Speedo Swimmer is a winner as well! YASSIS. I would love those tickets… and the ALBUMMNNNMMM!

  • Deon Fialkov

    “Kiss you on the cheek”

  • Richardt Robberts

    Well I will be different!! My favrouite song is “Put your head to the side”. its not one of the popular/mainstream songs. But I cannot hold my damn head still when I listen to that song with that bloody intro! Hands down best song!! I really need those tickets, I am broke!!

  • Lorien Amy Bolus

    YASSIS. 3rd time I’m trying to comment. Watch there be 3 comments from me on this post. ‘Your Girlfriend’ is my favorite song to watch live because my mates and I dance around, pointing and shouting at each other like baboons. Absolute madness! BEST!

  • Jessica Adant

    “Tattoo” and “Kiss you on the cheek” are such winners!

  • Nick Preen


  • Megan Brits

    when i see Desmond and the Tutus my knees go weak!definately kiss you on the cheek!

  • Megan Brits

    i will forever be gratefull for this prize!

  • Wadzanai Madangombe


  • Chanél Carstens

    What could be better than to Kiss You On The Cheek. it gets all ‘em ladies weak at the knees.

  • Sean Patrick Mowgli Magner

    The first time I heard ‘Bappa…’ Nic gave my friend his Bass guitar.


  • Bianca van Breda

    Darryl, Darryl… Darryl, Darryl… DARRYLLLL!
    This song is such a party starter, I see myself kicking off shoes and jumping around like a “springkaan” on the dance floor, yow High 5!

  • Inga Kleynhans

    i need a new dddddisaster i need i new story to tell:)

  • Nadine Aucamp

    I love all their music, but I go crazy-happy every time I hear Peter.
    But I’m also looking forward to jamming out on some MNUSIC- Zim Zala Bim!

  • Tom Kotze

    High fives

  • Michelle Jeanne Banwell

    I think my favourite would still have to be “Peter”…. but this is why I need this album and tickets, so that I can find a new favourite :D Please?

  • Tanya Swemmer


  • Quaid Lagan

    “My hands in my armpits , you’re taking a run up!” High fives for shizz.
    So freaking keen on the new album. Ready to jam hard :D

  • Lee Kirkby

    Tattoo – they hit the nail on the head with this one :D Love them!!!!
    Super proud of all our SA artists

  • Michelle C Botha

    your girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlfriend!!! …looks just like willy nelson :) weeeeee! I LOVE the TUTU’s!!!

  • Michelle C Botha

    Your girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlfriend!!! …looks just like willy nelson :) weeeeee! I LOVE the TUTU’s!!!

  • Laura McC

    Why aren’t more people mentioning ‘Pictures’? Definitely one of their best.

  • Bryan Plummer

    ZIM ZALA BIMMMMMm… jammin in the streeeets of cape town.

  • Ben Turnbull

    PeeEter..!!! :D

  • Tanya Swemmer

    Im really enjoying zim zala bim and tattoo. its great to hear this amazing new music from then, especially after the high benchmark they left with tuck shop. definitely worth the wait.

  • TheAssembly

    Thanks to everyone for entering, but it looks like Jonathan Garisch was the fan that wanted it the most! Hope to see you all there tonight, enjoy!


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