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Olmeca Presents: Haezer EP Launch

03 August 2012

TicketsFREE FOR FIRST 300 AT DOORR40 PRESALE OUT NOW!R40 BEFORE 11PMR50 AFTERInfoROAR - NO U18s - I.D REQUIRED(I.D / Passport / Drivers Licence)

this event has passed

checkout the pics

Haezer returns Discotheque and The Assembly for his biggest release yet – The Wrong Kid Died, his new EP from Dim Mak Records! Presented by Olmeca Tequila in association with Griet and Discotheque.

Joined by PHDJ (Australia), Audiophile 021Richard The Third and Sideshow plus Floyd LavineDiggin4Dodge and Anju Ana, keeping things going in The Annex, with visuals from Awe’Wolves!




Win R200 Bar Tab plus Tickets for you and three friends! To enter – drop a comment below and finish this sentence:

Haezer + Olmeca Tequilla = ?

(Be sure to login using your Facebook or Twitter account so we can get hold of you if you win!)


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  • Neill Kropman

    One Hell Of A Performance..

  • Rachael✝Kruyer

    Haezer + Olmeca Tequilla =Druckin’ , fun filled moments and all round party and a half with the best of friends in the best of places. and ofcourse a mind blowing jamming sesh to Haezer and friends.

  • Amy Frankie Taylor

    Haezer + Olmeca Tequila = Haezy memories of what is sure to be an amazing night. Good thing I’ll have my camera to piece together what went down! Uncontrollable dancing, uncontrollable drinking and body shots for allllllll :)

    • Jen Searle

      Sweeeeet! yessssssssssss =)

  • Kelsey Hoffe

    Haezer + Olmeca Tequila = Exceptionally Epic Ear-gasm of Celebratory Measures, Great Friends, Amazing Tunes, also known as a World Wonderous Phenomenon

  • Alex Cohen

    Haezer + Olmeca Tequilla = The best night you wish you remembered!

  • Mitch Prinsloo

    Haezer + Olmeca Tequilla = Who The F*ck is Haezer? (1 2 3 floor Remix), Afterwards? I’ll tell you if I remember. It will be epic.

  • Le Roux Hofmeyr

    Haezer + Olmeca Tequila = A night of heart-throbbing beats, vibrating from the inside all the way out to every possible moving point in your body preventing you from standing still in a cesspool of sweat, wet hair bitch-slapping your face, multiple open throats waiting to be doused with the “finest golden liquid” (tequila), humid temperatures caused by hundreds of overly excited breaths, slowly forgetting words from your vocabulary such as, “slow; still; quiet,” while realizing that every other person surrounding you is in total ecstasy with the same sensation!

  • Adriaan van Staden

    Heazer + Olmeca tequila = “the chicken” aka when heazer comes from behind the dj box and stands as close to the rail as possible, and with a bottle of tequila, and starts pouring it into the mouths of young party goers. intern if you saw the photo that would have been taken, the crowd would have looked like chickens being fed lol lolololol thats what i think wil happen when you mix 1part heazer and one part olmeca tequila

  • Kholofelo Phyllia Ngoatje

    Haezer + Tequila = A slice of heaven. Everything you have ever needed, everything you will ever need in one incredible, earth-shattering, mind-blowing moment.

  • Xolisa Chuma Velem

    Haezer + Olmeca Tequilla = Absolute Anarchy!! ;)

  • Kyle Mac

    Haezer + olmeca tequilla = Fists in the air at discotheque! As the punks come to the stage, they, being brave, drink their tequilla shaken (not stirred) like James bond, and go mad to haezers new shit. They drink so hard that the next morning their memories are black, and they end up asking; “who the fuck is haezer?”

  • Matty Martini

    Haezer + Olmeca Tequilla = Electronic liquid sliding down throats of individuals dressed in colours that would make the rainbow jealous of their beauty as their ears are blessed with distorted rhythmic melodies which make them fall in love with the night and its mysteries.

  • Jonathan

    Haezer + Olemeca Tequilla = It will be like the first moon landing… You tend to leave earth’s atmosphear at a steady fast pace… Jugging along, holding tight exited, ready and eager! And suddenly You lose gravity… You are now officially in space…. So you aim your Rocket at the moon and keep going till you get there! After landing on the moon you suddenly realize that you cant walk straight anymore, so you tend to hop along as you go! Then after a while of stumblieng around you realize that the sun is about to come up, so you get back in your spaceship, glide easily through space until you reach earths atmosphere…. Thats when you start to feel it!!! You then go through the roughest ride of your life in the early hours of the morning. You filled with happyness and terror…. Finally you hit home base and crash land on earth… You stumble out your space ship… Kiss the ground… and go to for the photographical evidence of what actually happend! :D Ladies and Gents Welcome HAEZER to the Assembly! This is your captin speaking… Its going to be a bumpy ride full of terbulence :D Get ready!!!!! :D

  • Richard Bothma

    Haezer + Olmeca Tequilla = Fun for the whole family!

  • Jonathan Garisch

    Haezer + Olmeca Tequilla = The Assembly Olympics.

    Its a event we’ll never forget and a event we’ve all been looking forward to. I’ve been practicing my shot taking and trash electro jamming for some time now. Grant me the opportunity to compete Assembly, i’m ready to bring home the Gold!

  • Elan Schnider

    Hazer + Olmeca Tequila = THE ASSEMBLY. thats all that needs to be said. This will just be another raucous night at the palace of electronic music, except with the MAN HIMSELF! HAEZER! BOOM! and the ultimate drink sponoser OLMECA TEQUILA! BOOM! and launching his new sounds from the unbeatable record label DIM MAK RECORDS! BOOM!

  • Richard Henry

    Haezer + Olmeca Tequila = ?????? How can those 2 things be put into one word? this is going to be an epic night, and I hope that I have sum extra cash to get my self and perhaps a few others the appropriate alcohol that needs to be drank before partaking in killing many people to the ridonculous sounds of Haezer … CANT WAIT !!!!!!!!!

  • Bianca van Breda

    Haezer + Olmeca = one INSANE birthday party with for my buddy Hughs birthday!! Shots all rooound!!!

  • Jason Barty

    Haezer + Olmeca Tequila = Impossible to explain in a sentence other than this sentence

  • Jason Barty

    And that flyer is insane…

  • Wilmi Naude

    Haezer + Olmeca = APESHIT – because i’ll be trippin tits and going apeshit

    Don’t know why I even comment, because I never win this. ever.
    But i’m still going! :{D <— Snor

  • Kieran McLeod

    Haezer + Olmeca Tequila = Taezered. You might think that receiving a couple of thousand volts is a pretty unpleasant experience compared to listening to Haezer… But both are pretty much a mind f**k the first time you experience them because your body’s not quite used to the sensation of such intense electro all in one go. Go on Haezer, blow my ear drums again… I dare you.

  • Robyn Britz

    Haezer + Olmeca Tequilla = cray

  • Duran Nel

    Haezer + Olmeca Tequilla= Me not going to the Sideshow and instead indulging in a catastrophically golden explosion into musical bliss!!!! +R200 bar tab and Tickets for me and three friends = Fucking Mayhem

  • James Cheesé Williamson

    Haezer + Olmeca Tequila = (okes x chicks)^jolling thick + (fat bass x slamming electro)^yussis

  • Dean Michael Norman

    Haezer + Olmeca Tequilla = The best night of my life that ill never remember

  • Chad Rutter

    Heazer + Olmeca Tequilla = Your Tits on Ice!

  • Dylan Zak Morris

    Haezer + Olmeca Tequilla = cleo being wonderfully shitfaced and having an incredible ice-fight with kelly, us all being merry, seduced by some magic music from Haezer, jamming the night into submission, smiling till our eyes are barely open. just generally enjoying the smoky company, rezonating with the good vibrations :) !

  • Michael Kidd

    Haezer + Olmeca Tequilla = Danger

  • The Assembly

    Congrats to our winner Jonathan! We went with the numbers on this one, but thanks to everyone who entered! And remember – tonight the first 300 people get in free!

  • Ben Turnbull

    insanity…. that is all

  • Jess Munda

    Where can we find the photos?


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