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Psych Night Radio Show

1st Friday of every month 12pm to 2pm


Psych Night is a collaboration of friends, musicians, artists, creatives and most importantly free thinkers that form an amalgamation of support to celebrate psychedelia. With roots grown deep into music, Psych Night events combine an array of elements that look to encourage and grow the mind- expanding side of the local music scene.

The Psych Night calendar is structured with flagship events hosted at The Assembly every two months, that includes a careful selection of seasoned bands set in a themed atmosphere with close attention to detail and broad media coverage.

Between these main events, there will be satellite events. Music shows will also form part of this, where newer bands can find a comfortable environment to set their sounds onto audiences. Falling under this will be exhibitions and generally more experimental events that feature DJ’s, special effects, various lighting techniques and different forms of expressive art.

Tune in to the Psych Night Radio Show the 1st Friday of every month : 12-2pm


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