Rumours of Portuguese Guitar Workshop

There are rumours running through the music scene of a visit an as yet un-named Geneva-based, Portuguese guitar virtuoso visiting town in the Winter.

Axe teacher comes to town


Guitar Workshop Programme Announced

Although the teacher’s name is being kept secret for the moment, some details of the workshop learning schedule have been leaked to us.  Here’s what the teacher has to say:

Various strategy to acoustic

When acoustic players get an electrical they have a tendency go one of two ways. They either play it similar to an acoustic or play pentatonic bluesy lead lines. If you strum with an electric you essentially should play it a great deal less compared to an acoustic. So play the important groove and work with the all-natural maintain of the strong body instead of against it with excessive rhythm.

Play rhythmically

The regular work for an electrical in the majority of prayer band setups is not so much a lead guitar but generally to include colour and characteristics to the rhythm of the tune. So attempt choosing the notes in the chords, make use of different enunciations even more up the neck, use combos of fretted and also open strings however most of all make it sound like a component that backs up the major groove of the track.

Usage CAGED expressions

The CAGED system is based around the significant as well as minor open chord shapes of C, A, G, E and also D went up the neck occasionally combined with a bar chord. CAGED will certainly provide you a total structure of how to play any chord in any setting backwards and forwards the neck. If you are not knowledgeable about CAGED its protected very extensively on our Intermediate Guitar Program

The capo is your pal

Some people claim the capo is a crutch. Consider it more of a tool that assists you make new expressions. If you play rolling jangley components then make use of a capo to place the open strings in key and after that the combo of open as well as stressed notes can develop some great drone sounds.

Don’t encounter the keyboard

You play in the same octave range as the secrets so take care not to clash with their parts. If you can’t hear them after that view their fingers to match their rhythms. Try to play in various areas, with different tones as well as in different octaves. Likewise remember you don’t need to play at all times so if they are doing something great, give em area!

Play texturally

Consider using your electric feel to add textural parts to a song a bit like in the means keyboard gamers use pads as well as filters.

Local guitar legends are keen to play down the mentions on social media of a visit from an electro-guitar maestro who’s electric guitar school in Geneva (or as the say over there “E-Gitarrenschule in Zürich” 🙂 ) was only opened one year ago and already has seasoned as well as beginner guitarists clamouring to sit at the feet of the master guitarist.

“There’s no-one quite like him for learning about how to get the most out of an electric guitar.”


I tend to utilize 2 overdrives, one for basic as well as one for large available appears, a delay, some compression for tighter cleaner audios as well as the periodic bit of modulation like chorus or tremolo to include some appearance. The vital things are actually own as well as delay. Delay could thicken up tones, include a feeling of sustain to calling chords along with balanced structures like populated 8th notes for U2 type appears.

Nevertheless the principle is the hold-up time have to remain in synch with the songs’ pace. As well sluggish and also your notes sound indistinct and sloppy and too rapid and also they sound like they are escaping from you. Normally the even more delay as well as reverb kind effect you use the more your noise will certainly appear to put itself at the back of the mix. So don’t overdo it unless you are specifically trying to create an appearance or a laundry.

Do not utilize as much distortion as you assume

Hear the guitars on a few of the quintessential timeless rock tracks and many have much less distortion compared to you assume. Actually too much distortion will loose you quality in the mix. So exercise playing with less gain, and executing each chord extra plainly. Likewise fantastic altered tones are commonly rather completely dry so be careful of adding excessive rev or hold-up as it could highlight the high frequencies in a not too enjoyable method. Again utilizing both of these concepts will certainly assist you puncture the mix better.

Play with volumes and tone controls

Guitar quantities are truly developed to function finest totally open. Backing them off could loose treble, same with tone manages too. However for some audios this might be precisely just what you want and there are many players who could produce a selection of great tones just by having fun with these controls. For overdrive with my Telecaster I’ll back the tone off to 8 and afterwards changing the quantity gives me basically distortion.

Utilize extra mid

If your concepts and lines don’t punctured the mix after that utilize a little much more mid to add strike. This is precisely why the Eric Clapton Strat has an active mid boost control. Pedals like the Ibanez Tubescreamer additionally have a natural mid ‘bulge’ in their fundamental tone as well as if your amp doesn’t have a mid control there are numerous drive pedals that will provide you a dedicated mid point.

Tiny tube amp

Many churche speakers dip into a quantity MEANS below the level most traditional tube amps sound best at so there’s no point in acquiring your best 100, 50 or even 30 watt weapon if it’s simply for church atmospheres. Nonetheless in the last 2 years amp makers have actually cottoned on to this and there are now lots of high quality 5-10 watt amps that seem great at low quantities.

Amp positioning

If you stand best beside your amp you’ll just listen to a really bassy tone yet the people in the front will listen to all the treble. So try to place the amp 6-10 ft away from you when possible. Audio speaker stands to get the audio up towards your ear lifting it away from the floor can loose bass as well as reduced end. Angle the speaker up towards your yet maintain it locked to the floor.


At the time of publishing, the writer has no knowledge of whether the secret axe teacher is going to be bringing his whole team with him or not.  Stay tuned.  Sign up for the RSS feed and keep up to date.