Kongos is here! After touring around the country of their birth with a string of acclaimed live shows, the brothers from Phoenix are playing this Saturday at The Assembly. We caught up with frontman Dylan Kongos for a chat…

Kongos is a band of brothers, and together you run all aspects of the band. What’s the division of labour, and how does being brothers affect all that?
Johnny (keyboards/accordion/vocals) does all the website-related work, Danny (guitar/vocals) does photography/artwork, Jesse (drums/vocals) does video editing, and I, Dylan (vocals/bass), maintain for the most part our social networking sites. We work together quite well and efficiently when we’re not calling each other ************.
With a multimillion-selling recording artist for a father – 70s folk star Johnny Kongos – you obviously grew up with music. What would you say were your biggest influences over the years?
We’ve been influenced by everything from the Beatles to opera to music from all over Africa. Our dad also definitely influenced our music – you can especially hear it if you listen to his two major hits, “He’s Gonna Step On You Again” and “Tokoloshe Man“.
Do you all share a similar taste, musically? There must be some questionable favorites between you….
We actually do share a similar taste in music since we all grew up listening to the same stuff. I wouldn’t say there are any “questionable” favorites, although when we were much younger we made fun of Johnny for owning a copy of Indecent Obsession.
You guys have lived all over the world – South Africa, London, now Phoenix, Arizona. Where’s home?
It’s hard to say. We’ve been in Phoenix for the longest period of time but we still feel an incredible connection to South Africa. We’ll be heading “home” to Phoenix, but it might not be for that long – we’ve always threatened moving to LA.
What’s next for Kongos?
We’d like to shoot a few music videos for some of these songs on the new album. We’d also like to tour as much as possible over the next year – maybe Europe and parts of the States.
So what can we expect to see at The Assembly?
We’ll be playing a ton of material off our new album Lunatic, a few off our debut album KONGOS, some crazy mashup covers (featuring a special guest) and stuff people can dance to. It’ll be a Saturday night in Cape Town – please keep Sunday free for recovery.

Kongos perform this Saturday with support from Machineri, Saintfearless and DJ Sideshow. Tickets are almost sold out, but a limited number are available at the door for R100 and R80 from Webtickets.
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