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Lark – ‘Gong Is Struck’

South African live electronic legends, Lark have released their third studio album Gong Is Struck

The album, which took two years to complete, is written by Inge Beckmann and produced by Paul Rez. All pre-production and guide vocals were done long distance via emails and Skype. Vocals, drums and bass were tracked in South Africa at Sound & Motion Studio and MEME Studio. The album then was mixed in SA and London and mastered in London by Nick Watson and Tim Debney at Fluid Mastering.

Gong Is Struck can be described as more tribal and slightly heavier than any of Lark’s previous releases and includes inspiration from themes such as mythology, immortality, gods, war, superstition and witchcraft.

The band is currently on a national tour for the launch of this long anticipated third release.

You can listen to the rest of Gong Is Struck on Lark’s Soundcloud and the album is available in all major retailers and digitally at Look ‘n Listen Online,, iTunes, Rhythm Music Store.


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  • Jean-Pierre Mouton

    I purchased two cd’s. One for myself & one for a friend – more then willing to support local artists of this genre.


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